The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities located in three rooms. The network of computers includes PC work stations running under Linux and Windows. Two real-time simulation and control facilities allowing the control of more than 20 axes, are also available. They use the software RT-Lab and the operating systems QNX (for real-time) and Windows (for the user interface). In addition to these computer resources, a variety of commercial and in-house software is available in the laboratory for the analysis, simulation, design and control of various mechanisms.

    The laboratory also has several serial robots (including the Sarcos, a 7-DOF master-slave manipulator) and numerous parallel robots. Several robot hands have also been developed. Detailed descriptions of several of our parallel robots and robot hands are available on the Research page.

    Finally, the laboratory is equipped with a rapid prototyping machine, a wire EDM machine, and numerous components, both specialized (acquisition boards, force/torque sensors, position sensors, etc.) and general (digital camera, scanners, printers, etc.), to support the research activities.