Tuesday, August 1st (VCH-Atrium)

    17:00 Welcome and registration gathering

    Wednesday, August 2nd (GHK-2320)

    08:15 Registration
    08:50 Opening Remarks
    09:00 Keynote address I - Prof. Sunil K. Agrawal

      Displacement Analysis I

    09:50 Direct Kinematics of CDPR with Extra Cable Orientation Sensors: the 2 and 3 Cables Case with Perfect Measurement and Ideal or Elastic Cables (J.-P. Merlet)
    10:10 Improving the Forward Kinematics of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots Through Cable Angle Sensors (X. Garant, A. Campeau-Lecours, P. Cardou, C. Gosselin)
    10:30 Coffee Break

      Modelling I

    10:50 Manipulator Deflection for Optimum Tension of Cable-Driven Robots with Parameter Variations (L. Notash)
    11:10 Sensitivity Analysis of the Elasto-Geometrical Model of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (S. Baklouti, S. Caro, E. Courteille)
    11:30 CASPR-ROS: A Generalised Cable Robot Software in ROS for Hardware (J. Eden, C. Song, Y. Tan, D. Oetomo, D. Lau)
    12:00 Lunch (ABP-Cafeteria)

      Trajectory Planning and Control I

    13:30 Rest-to-Rest Trajectory Planning for Planar Underactuated Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (E. Idà, A. Berti, T. Bruckmann, Marco Carricato)
    13:50 Dynamically-Feasible Elliptical Trajectories for Fully Constrained 3-DOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots (G. Mottola, C. Gosselin, M. Carricato)
    14:10 Dynamic Transition Trajectory Planning of Three-dof Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots (X. Jiang, C. Gosselin)
    14:30 Coffee Break

      Applications I

    14:50 Preliminary Running and Performance Test of the Huge Cable Robot of FAST Telescope (H. Li, J. Sun, G. Pan, Q. Yang)
    15:10 On the Improvements of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot for Achieving Additive Manufacturing for Construction (J.-B. Izard, A. Dubor, P.-E. Herv ́e, E. Cabay, D. Culla, M. Rodriguez, M. Barrado)
    15:30 Inverse Kinematics for a Novel Rehabilitation Robot for Lower Limbs (A. Badi, M. Saad, G. Gauthier, P. Archambault)

      Social Activities

    16:00 Quebec City tour by bus
    18:00 Cocktail reception (Château Frontenac - Saint-Louis room)

    Thursday, August 3rd (GHK-2320)

      Displacement Analysis II

    08:50 A New Approach to the Direct Geometrico-Static Problem of Cable Suspended Robots Using Kinematic Mapping (M. Husty, J. Schadlbauer, P. Zsombor-Murray)
    09:10 Initial Length and Pose Calibration for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Relative Length Feedback (D. Lau)
    09:30 Static Analysis and Dimensional Optimization of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (M. Newman, A. Zygielbaum, B. Terry)

      Modelling II

    09:50 Assumed-Mode-Based Dynamic Model for Cable Robots with Non-Straight Cables (J. I. Ayala Cuevas, E. Laroche, O. Piccin)
    10:10 Modelling of Flexible Cable-Driven Parallel Robots using a Rayleigh-Ritz Approach (H. A. Godbole, R. J. Caverly, J. Forbes)
    10:30 Coffee Break

      Workspace Analysis

    10:50 Determination of the Cable Span and Cable Deflection of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (A. Pott)
    11:10 Geometric Determination of the Cable-Cylinder Interference Regions in the Workspace of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (A. Martin, S. Caro, P. Cardou)
    11:30 Twist Feasibility Analysis of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (S. Lessanibahri, M. Gouttefarde, S. Caro, P. Cardou)
    12:00 Lunch (ABP-Cafeteria)

      Trajectory Planning and Control II

    13:30 Transverse Vibration Control in Planar Cable-Driven Robotic Manipulators (M. Rushton, A. Khajepour)
    13:50 Application of a Differentiator-Based Adaptive Super-Twisting Controller for a Redundant Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (C. Schenk, C. Masone, H. Bülthoff, A. Pott)
    14:10 Randomized Kinodynamic Planning for Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots (R. Bordalba, J. M. Porta, L. Ros)
    14:30 Coffee break


    14:50 On the Design of a Three-DOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robot based on a Parallelogram Arrangement of the Cables (D.-S. Vu, E. Barnett, A.-M. Zaccarin, C. Gosselin)
    15:10 On Improving Stiffness of Cable Robots (C. Nelson)
    15:30 Optimal Design of a High-Speed Pick-and-Place Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (Z. Zhang, Z. Shao, L. Wang, A. J. Shih)

      Social Activities

    16:00 Guided tour of the Huron-Wendat Museum (departure - parking lot in front of )
    17:30 Cocktail reception (Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations)
    18:30 Conference Banquet (Restaurant la Traite)

    Friday, August 4th (GHK-2320)

    08:30 Keynote address II: Prof. Meyer Nahon

      Modelling III

    09:30 A Polymer Cable Creep Modeling for a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot in a Heavy Payload Application (J. Piao, X. Jin, E.-P. Choi, J.-O. Park, C.-S. Kim, J. Jung
    09:50 Bending Fatigue Strength and Lifetime of Fiber Ropes (M. Wehr, A. Pott, K.-H. Wehking)
    10:10 Bending Cycles and Cable Properties of Polymer Fiber Cables for Fully Constrained Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (V. Schmidt, A. Pott)
    10:30 Coffee break

      Tension Distribution

    10:50 A Fast Algorithm for Wrench Exertion Capability Computation (G. Boschetti, C. Passarini, A. Trevisani, D. Zanotto)
    11:10 Tension Distribution Algorithm for Mobile Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (T. Rasheed, P. Long, D. Marquez-Gamez, S. Caro)
    11:30 Improvement of cable tension observability through a new cable driving unit design (M. Rognant, E. Courteille)
    12:00 Lunch (ABP-Cafeteria)

      Applications II

    13:30 On the Design of a Novel Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Capable of Large Rotation About One Axis (A. Fortin-Côté, C. Faure, L. Bouyer, B. J. McFadyen, C. Mercier, D. Laurendeau, M. Bonenfant, P. Cardou, C. Gosselin)
    13:50 Concept Studies of Automated Construction Using Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (T. Bruckmann, C. Reichert, M. Meik, P. Lemmen, A. Spengler, H. Mattern, M. König)
    14:10 Design and Analysis of a Novel Cable-Driven Haptic Master Device for Planar Grasping (K. Jadhao, P. Lambert, T. Bruckmann, J. L. Herder)
    14:30 Coffee Break

      Lab Tour and Closing Remarks

    14:50 Tour of the Laboratoire de robotique (departure from GHK-2320, rooms PLT-3702, PLT-00370, PLT-00136)
    16:30 Closing remarks (PLT-Main hall)

    Tuesday, August 1st (VCH-Atrium)

    17:00 Welcome and registration gathering

    Tuesday, August 1st

    • 5pm