1. Underactuated mechanical finger with return actuation


    2. Two-degree-of-freedom spherical orienting device



    3. Actuation system for highly underactuated gripping mechanism


    4. Power switching mechanism for robotic applications


    5. Cartesian parallel manipulators


    6. Parallel Manipulators with four degrees of freedom


    7. Construction members for three-dimensional assemblies


    8. Dynamic balancer


    9. Assist system configured for moving a mass


    10. Actuation system configured for moving a payload


    10. Photo-interrupter based force sensing handle and method of use


    10. Force limiting device and method


    11. Force/torque sensor, apparatus and method for robot teaching and operation


    12. Sensor for handling system


    13. Movement system configured for moving a payload in a plurality of directions


    13. Passively actuated braking system


    13. Robotically operated vehicle charging station