In collaboration with the compagny CAE Electronics Ltd. the Robotics Laboratory developed a software for the visualization, analysis and design of flight simulators. KADMoS (Kinematic Analysis and Design of Motion Systems) allows the user to investigate different types de geometries and select the most promising ones. This investigation is very useful since kinematic and dynamic analysis as well as the design of parallel manipulators is much less intuitive than that of conventional serial manipulators. Thus, the development of new geometries for motion systems of this type is more complex. KADMoS allows the user to freely modify the geometric parameters while the workspace, singularities, as well as other properties, are obtained interactively. Algorithms were developed for the solutions to the geometric, kinematic and dynamic problems.

    Fig. 1: Typical interface used in KADMoS. The figure on the left illustrates a complete simulator in different views while the figure on the right shows an example of a workspace (in 2 and 3 dimensions) with dexterity curves. Click on the images to view an enlargement.

    KADMoS is characterized as follows:

    The algorithms which were implemented include the following: