We are very pleased to have many of our distinguished colleagues attend the Third International Conference on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots. Indeed, researchers from all around the world will be attending this year. Based on the papers to be presented during the conference, here is the list of the countries represented as well as the number of presentations for each.

    Country (affiliation of first author)Presentations


    Tuesday, August 1 (VCH-Atrium)

    17:00 Registration and welcome reception
    18:00 Buffet with sandwiches, salads, drinks, etc

    Wednesday, August 2nd (GHK-2320)

    08:15 Registration
    08:50 Opening Remarks
    09:00 Keynote address I - Cable-driven and Parallel-actuated Robots for Training of Human Gait, Posture, and Balance (S. Agrawal)

      Displacement Analysis I (session chair: Marco Carricato, Università di Bologna)

    09:50 Direct Kinematics of CDPR with Extra Cable Orientation Sensors: the 2 and 3 Cables Case with Perfect Measurement and Ideal or Elastic Cables (J.-P. Merlet)
    10:10 Improving the Forward Kinematics of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots Through Cable Angle Sensors (X. Garant, A. Campeau-Lecours, P. Cardou, C. Gosselin)
    10:30 Coffee Break

      Modelling I (session chair: Marc Arsenault, Laurentian University)

    10:50 Manipulator Deflection for Optimum Tension of Cable-Driven Robots with Parameter Variations (L. Notash)
    11:10 Sensitivity Analysis of the Elasto-Geometrical Model of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (S. Baklouti, S. Caro, E. Courteille)
    11:30 CASPR-ROS: A Generalised Cable Robot Software in ROS for Hardware (J. Eden, C. Song, Y. Tan, D. Oetomo, D. Lau)
    12:00 Lunch (ABP-Cafeteria)

      Trajectory Planning and Control I (session chair: Hamid Taghirad, K. N. Toosi University of Technology)

    13:30 Rest-to-Rest Trajectory Planning for Planar Underactuated Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (E. Idà, A. Berti, T. Bruckmann, Marco Carricato)
    13:50 Dynamically-Feasible Elliptical Trajectories for Fully Constrained 3-DOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots (G. Mottola, C. Gosselin, M. Carricato)
    14:10 Dynamic Transition Trajectory Planning of Three-dof Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots (X. Jiang, C. Gosselin)
    14:30 Coffee Break

      Applications I (session chair: Andreas Pott, Fraunhofer IPA)

    14:50 Preliminary Running and Performance Test of the Huge Cable Robot of FAST Telescope (H. Li, J. Sun, G. Pan, Q. Yang)
    15:10 On the Improvements of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot for Achieving Additive Manufacturing for Construction (J.-B. Izard, A. Dubor, P.-E. Herv ́e, E. Cabay, D. Culla, M. Rodriguez, M. Barrado)
    15:30 Inverse Kinematics for a Novel Rehabilitation Robot for Lower Limbs (A. Badi, M. Saad, G. Gauthier, P. Archambault)

      Social Activities

    16:00 Quebec City tour by bus (Departure location TBD)
    18:00 Cocktail reception (Château Frontenac - room TBD)

    Thursday, August 3rd (GHK-2320)

      Displacement Analysis II (session chair: Jean-Pierre Merlet, INRIA Sophia Antipolis)

    08:50 A New Approach to the Direct Geometrico-Static Problem of Cable Suspended Robots Using Kinematic Mapping (M. Husty, J. Schadlbauer, P. Zsombor-Murray)
    09:10 Initial Length and Pose Calibration for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Relative Length Feedback (D. Lau)
    09:30 Static Analysis and Dimensional Optimization of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (M. Newman, A. Zygielbaum, B. Terry)

      Modelling II (session chair: Leila Notash, Queen's University)

    09:50 Assumed-Mode-Based Dynamic Model for Cable Robots with Non-Straight Cables (J. I. Ayala Cuevas, E. Laroche, O. Piccin)
    10:10 Modelling of Flexible Cable-Driven Parallel Robots using a Rayleigh-Ritz Approach (H. A. Godbole, R. J. Caverly, J. Forbes)
    10:30 Coffee Break

      Workspace Analysis (session chair: Marc Gouttefarde, CNRS and LIRMM)

    10:50 Determination of the Cable Span and Cable Deflection of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (A. Pott)
    11:10 Geometric Determination of the Cable-Cylinder Interference Regions in the Workspace of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (A. Martin, S. Caro, P. Cardou)
    11:30 Twist Feasibility Analysis of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (S. Lessanibahri, M. Gouttefarde, S. Caro, P. Cardou)
    12:00 Lunch (ABP-Cafeteria)

      Trajectory Planning and Control II (session chair: Tobias Bruckmann, Universität Duisburg-Essen)

    13:30 Transverse Vibration Control in Planar Cable-Driven Robotic Manipulators (M. Rushton, A. Khajepour)
    13:50 Application of a Differentiator-Based Adaptive Super-Twisting Controller for a Redundant Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (C. Schenk, C. Masone, H. Bülthoff, A. Pott)
    14:10 Randomized Kinodynamic Planning for Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots (R. Bordalba, J. M. Porta, L. Ros)
    14:30 Coffee break

      Design (session chair: Stéphane Caro, CNRS and LS2N)

    14:50 On the Design of a Three-DOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robot based on a Parallelogram Arrangement of the Cables (D.-S. Vu, E. Barnett, A.-M. Zaccarin, C. Gosselin)
    15:10 On Improving Stiffness of Cable Robots (C. Nelson)
    15:30 Optimal Design of a High-Speed Pick-and-Place Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (Z. Zhang, Z. Shao, L. Wang, A. J. Shih)

      Social Activities

    16:30 Guided tour of the Huron-Wendat Museum (Departure location TBD)
    17:30 Cocktail reception (Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations)
    18:30 Conference Banquet (Restaurant la Traite)
    21:30 Return to university campus (800/801 bus stop)

    Friday, August 4th (GHK-2320)

    08:30 Keynote address II: Cable Modelling for Large Cable Robots (M. Nahon)

      Modelling III (session chair: Darwin Lau, Chinese University of Hong Kong)

    09:30 A Polymer Cable Creep Modeling for a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot in a Heavy Payload Application (J. Piao, X. Jin, E.-P. Choi, J.-O. Park, C.-S. Kim, J. Jung
    09:50 Bending Fatigue Strength and Lifetime of Fiber Ropes (M. Wehr, A. Pott, K.-H. Wehking)
    10:10 Bending Cycles and Cable Properties of Polymer Fiber Cables for Fully Constrained Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (V. Schmidt, A. Pott)
    10:30 Coffee break

      Tension Distribution (session chair: Juan Antonio Carretero, University of New Brunswick)

    10:50 A Fast Algorithm for Wrench Exertion Capability Computation (G. Boschetti, C. Passarini, A. Trevisani, D. Zanotto)
    11:10 Tension Distribution Algorithm for Mobile Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (T. Rasheed, P. Long, D. Marquez-Gamez, S. Caro)
    11:30 Improvement of cable tension observability through a new cable driving unit design (M. Rognant, E. Courteille)
    12:00 Lunch (ABP-Cafeteria)

      Applications II (session chair: Carl Nelson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

    13:30 On the Design of a Novel Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Capable of Large Rotation About One Axis (A. Fortin-Côté, C. Faure, L. Bouyer, B. J. McFadyen, C. Mercier, D. Laurendeau, M. Bonenfant, P. Cardou, C. Gosselin)
    13:50 Concept Studies of Automated Construction Using Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (T. Bruckmann, C. Reichert, M. Meik, P. Lemmen, A. Spengler, H. Mattern, M. König)
    14:10 Design and Analysis of a Novel Cable-Driven Haptic Master Device for Planar Grasping (K. Jadhao, P. Lambert, T. Bruckmann, J. L. Herder)
    14:30 Coffee Break

      Lab Tour and Closing Remarks

    14:50 Tour of the Laboratoire de robotique (departure from GHK-2320, rooms PLT-3702, PLT-00370, PLT-00136)
    16:30 Closing remarks (PLT-Main hall)